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Attention Producers:
When we think about creating a mealtime ritual, most of us picture sitting down to a nightly family dinner after work. But how do we include our loyal four-legged companions? Dumping kibble into a bowl and walking away has become less and less the norm. Feeding the family dog has evolved into new territory and a recent survey shows many dog owners are going the extra mile to entice their family pet through a variety of growing trends; from chopping and heating meals, hand-feeding with utensils and the hottest trend of all... a food trucks for dogs!

Executive Chef Amanda Hassner says just like humans, a lot of it is about the experience. Chef Hassner and animal enthusiast Lloyd Wideman are available LIVE to share the hottest trends to turn your doggie’s dinner into a dining extravaganza.

Talk LIVE, Tuesday December 11th from 7am to 11am Eastern.

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Viewers will learn:

  • How to turn mealtime into bonding time with our dogs
  • The importance of maintaining a routine when it comes to Fido’s dinner time
  • How you can get more dogs to enjoy the food truck experience


There are over 78 million dogs living as pets in the U.S. and that means a LOT of doggie meals being served every night. But what if you could add some excitement to those ordinary meals?

An online survey by Chef Michael’s shows that nearly 59 percent of dog owners have patronized food trucks for themselves. In addition, 48 percent would likely take their dog to lunch or dinner at a food truck that provided food for dogs if there was one in their neighborhood. On December 11th, Chef Amanda and Lloyd are available to talk about these topics as well as letting you know how to enter a sweepstakes to support dog friendly food truck communities nationwide.


Tuesday December 11th, 2012
7:00am to 11:00am (EASTERN)
CONTACT Dwight Woods (404)605-0009 ext 343 OR
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Courtesy: Purina